Thursday, July 30, 2015

What the?! Where has the time gone??

Wow... I feel like such a loser! My last post was in December!! A lot has happened since then, and I have just completely lost track of time! There are so many things that I wanted to blog about, but other things kept happening and I feel so bad for not writing them down!

Where to begin... Christmas was a really hard time for us, and we struggled, but we made it through. The new year brought a new start for me and Tyler. It was a good time to start fresh, and to keep ourselves going.  January came and brought new hope and lots of new blessings. It was a time for us to reflect on the previous year, what we had been through, what made us stronger, and what got us through the hard times. It was a good reminder that we really are blessed, even though sometimes it doesn't seem like it when we face trials.

Shortly after Brenna left us, Tyler and I both agreed that we wanted to try for another baby... It was a really hard and stressful time for both of us--We knew we wanted to continue our family, and prayed everyday for it to happen. I got a little bit selfish, and as time passed, decided that Heavenly Father wasn't listening to me or answering my prayers. I really struggled, because I desperately wanted to have a family (which I did, but a different kind... A special family in Heaven.). It got harder and harder each month when I found out I wasn't pregnant, and I kind of wanted to just give up. I asked my husband, and my dad for a priesthood blessing (In November of 2014), which stated that Heavenly Father was listening and I needed to be patient because there were blessings coming, but that they would come according to my Heavenly Father's timeline. I knew then that I would have another baby, and that my prayers would be answered--not according to me and my timeline, but that my Heavenly Father would bless us when the time was right. Its never fun to wait, especially when you are already hurting, and just want an answer. But I finally felt at peace, and knew that it would happen, when the time was right.

In March, after lots of prayers, priesthood blessings, temple trips, and a lot of scripture study, Tyler and I found out we were expecting. We were beyond excited and couldn't hardly believe it! I immediately fell to my knees with tears in my eyes and thanked my Heavenly Father for answering our prayers. I knew at that moment that this sweet baby was in Heaven wrapped in Brenna's arms.
A few weeks in, we had a little scare, and had to have an ultrasound... Everything turned out to be just fine, but we were still scared. At 12 weeks we were able to hear a healthy and strong heartbeat, and at 16 weeks we were able to have an early gender check. Tyler and I were both pretty set that this one was a boy, and we already had his name picked out. Funny enough, my little sister and my father in law both had dreams about this baby, and it was a girl. When we got into the ultrasound, he was checking the baby, and then told us it was a GIRL! We were both shocked, the look on Tyler's face was priceless, but I knew that in that moment she already had him wrapped around her finger. I cried, (I blame the hormones!) happy tears! I always thought Brenna would be my only girl, but finding out Brenna was sending us her little sister was so exciting I could hardly handle it. The ultrasound didn't last long, because at 16 weeks the baby is still so small that you cant see everything you need to. We got a few pictures of the baby, and went on our way.

I met with my regular doctor that same week, and he scheduled me for another (extensive) ultrasound to make sure she was healthy (especially her little heart!)--this was my biggest fear, and obstacle to face during this pregnancy! I went in at 21 weeks, nervous and scared, with a constant prayer in my heart that everything would be okay! I don't think Tyler or I even took a breath for the 10 minutes the doctor spent looking over and over at her heart... We were both terrified! But, after lots of heart pictures and videos, he determined that she had a healthy heart with a good strong normal heartbeat! We were so relieved! He checked the rest of her body, and everything else looked great! She is full of attitude, and we can hardly wait to meet her. From the pictures we have seen of her face, she looks just like her big sister!

I am now 24 weeks pregnant, and feeling as good as you can. I am so happy that we get to add another beautiful baby girl to our family, and that she is healthy and strong. I know that Brenna is in Heaven with her, preparing her to join our crazy family.

My doctor has already scheduled my C-Section for the 12th of November- Only 15 weeks away! We are counting down, and are so anxious for her arrival. I don't think a day has passed that Tyler hasn't asked how much longer until she gets here :) I already know he is a great dad, and I can't wait to see him as a dad again. I think I will be lucky to even hold her at the hospital, because i'm pretty sure he is just going to steal her and not let anyone have her!

As far as other news, I took a job as the office manager at IFA, which is so nice- It allows me to be in the back, and do fun office duties- it didnt hurt that there was a pay raise either... ;) Other than that, it just the same old stuff. Tyler is still working at Big O, and being a full time student... If he stays on track with his schedule, he will be graduating next July! We are excited for what is in store for us the next few weeks and months.

I am going to try and keep the blog updated as often as I can. If you feel inclined, please remember to keep us in your prayers, we could still use them--as the time passes, we get more and more anxious! We love you all!

Tyler, McKensie, Brenna, & Baby K

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