Monday, March 10, 2014

The Waiting Game

It seems as though the days pass SO SLOWLY, but the weeks usually pass a little bit quicker. I feel like the last 2 months of our life have dragged on and felt like an eternity. We have been waiting and waiting, to find out more information on what to expect, and what we need to do to prepare ourselves (mentally & physically) for Brenna's arrival.

On Friday, we will be going back up to Primary Children's Hospital for another echo-cardiogram, we will also be visiting the U of U hospital to meet with a few potential OB doctors, have an ultrasound, possibly meet with a surgeon, and tour the Newborn Heart Intensive Care Unit. I am really nervous, but at the same time, excited, and a little bit scared. I'm hoping that things have improved, and that we wont have to hear any more bad news. I am trying to prepare myself for what I will see and experience in the Heart NICU. I know it wont be easy, but I am hoping that going now, and seeing what things could potentially be like will help ease my mind, and help me prepare better to be able to help Brenna as much as I can. There is a possibility that we could be spending a lot of time there (we are hoping only to be there for a few days, but you never know.) and the more comfortable I feel, the better off I will be.

I am hoping that when i have my regular ultrasound, we will be able to actually see her face. We have not been able to see her face in any previous ultrasounds because she is a wiggle worm, and she hides her face! She likes to be a stinker, and not hold still long enough to get a good look at her. We are pretty sure, that she might come out looking like a monkey, both Tyler and I had loads of dark hair when we were born, and if the whole "having heartburn" really means you are going to have a hairy baby, then Brenna might look like Chewbacca! I am SOOO excited to meet her, and finally be able to see what she looks like! It is so crazy to think we are only 11 weeks away!

On a side note, Tyler and I decided that we wanted to do something special--just for her. We had custom  bracelets made, that we will be selling. Our motto throughout this whole experience has been "Believe In Miracles". We had that printed on the front of the bracelets, with her name printed on the back of them. The cost of the bracelets will be $3, we are trying to save a little bit of money--as the medical bills have already started coming, (and it doesn't really help that our little miss doesn't have insurance...) and they probably wont stop for quite some time. The picture below shows what they look like. (it shows the front and the back of the bracelet) They are adult sizes, and will fit a man's wrist! If you are interested, please contact me or my mom. Thanks for all you do, and for your love.


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